It’s no surprise that small businesses have a lot on their plate. There are so many aspects of the brand that need to be taken into account, as well as a lot of research that goes into each important decision. Even trying to decide on the right marketing KPIs makes use of templates or researching examples for better context. And for an ever-growing field such as the beauty industry, the competition gets fierce. Getting noticed in the flood of new products and releases requires great knowledge and application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are a number of ways to make the most of this useful tool. 

SEO for Beauty Brands

Choose Images Wisely

Especially since the beauty industry is a very visually-oriented one, choosing the right images is important when you want to drive traffic into your site. It’s more than  just taking a great, high-quality photo for your product—even if photos need to show clear skin to let people know that skin concerns can be addressed. It’s even more than picking the right colors or the right kind of camera for it. There are a few considerations that you would need to think about in order to ensure that the photos you take won’t go to waste. 

  • Compress the images: One of the most annoying parts of loading into a site is how long it takes. This is sometimes due to the large file size of the images that appear on the website. It doesn’t take much to compress the photo, though. You would normally be able to do so from your computer’s existing photo editing software. Still, you may opt to choose to use your favorite program. With compressed photos, it all won’t take long to load. 
  • Use PNG: There can be a slight debate when it comes to checking out which image format is the best to use. While JPEG is more suited for smaller file sizes, PNG is better when it comes to content that is placed beside text. And even though pictures need to speak for themselves in any beauty brand, having some text to support the photo can give viewers more information about the product. That way, it increases the opportunity for convincing them to purchase it. 

Take Note of Search Content

When people search on the internet, there’s usually an intent behind it. They may be looking for information, or trying to purchase a specific product. There are different intents that people can have, and so the content you create would need to match this. There are specific keywords that are made for a particular purpose. That means there are different ones for commercial searches, and other ones for information purpose. You would need to make sure that the proper words are in use so as to increase the chances of your site being in the first page of any search engine. 

Make the Titles Properly

The titles are the first things any user sees when they try to look something up. They pretty much sum up what the entire article or site page is about. You could even think of them as a sort of sneak peek. That’s why they’re so important. A good title has to catch the attention of the user in a compelling way. In terms of length, it shouldn’t be too long—or at least the main idea has to be revealed within the first few characters. It’s important to make sure to include the right key words, as well as keep it descriptive enough to guide the viewers. 

Fix the URL Structure

Something like URL structure can be easy to overlook. After all, what difference does it even make? It actually helps a lot. Search engines can use these in order to try to make it more relevant to any searches that may come up. And if you want your brand’s page in the forefront of the search results page, this is definitely something you need to think about. It also helps in making your page easier to navigate. This is especially helpful since you’re trying to sell beauty products at the end of the day. If it’s hard for users to get around your brand’s site, it would be even more difficult for them to purchase products. The good news is that there are many different ways to make your URL structure more optimized. 

  • Keep it short

Shorter URLs are more likely to be rank higher when it comes to being considered as relevant to searches. It’s also more readable this way. VIewers who are trying to search for new lipsticks, for example, would readily see that the post online focuses on the product that they’re looking for. 

  • Use hyphens

In line with making it all more readable, making use of hyphens helps a lot. It might feel tempting to try and cram as much information as you can into the URL so as to make users more informed, but people are more likely to respond to readability. 

SEO for Beauty Brands

Small beauty brands may not exactly have access to the biggest SEO guides or services, but it is still possible to make the best of it. The competition in the beauty industry can be quite tough, especially when it comes to the smaller brands. Still, with the right SEO techniques, your brand could secure a good spot (at least in the search engine page) among the other bigger beauty brands.

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